Summer School for High School

Forward-thinking districts are using digital curriculum to serve a wide range of student needs in their summer programs, including original credit, virtual learning, enhancement opportunities, and college readiness.

Beyond Credit Recovery

Digital curriculum gives districts the flexibility to offer high-quality, standards-based instruction across multiple sites, schedules, and programs:

  • Students can take advantage of the summer break to earn credits toward early graduation or create a free period in the next year’s schedule.
  • Districts can ensure educational equity with programs to support students from underserved populations who face persistent achievement gaps.
  • Students can work in a variety of locations and on their own schedules.
  • Schools can use their teachers or partner with Apex Learning and use our Apex Learning Virtual School teachers.
Credit Recovery
Bridging the Achievement Gap with Summer Programs

Bridging the Achievement Gap with Summer Programs

Struggling students—particularly ELL students, below proficient readers, and students with learning gaps—can benefit from summer programs that provide targeted remediation. Students get back to grade level and back on track to graduating on time.

More Options for Summer Learning

More districts are embracing the flexibility and benefits of digital curriculum to expand summer learning options. With Apex Learning, districts can:

  • Provide opportunities for credit recovery or initial course credit.
  • Remediate gaps in prerequisite knowledge before students move on to the next grade.
  • Increase college and career readiness, including preparation for high-stakes tests.

Learn about summer program best practices that your district can implement.

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Summer Programs in Action

Clark County School District, NV

Learn how this district designs summer school models to meet diverse student needs beyond credit recovery.